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Procedure Title Purpose Comments
IT Policy
To define the corporate policy for the procurement, support and use of computer equipment and systems in order to ensure the efficiency, reliability, and security of communications, computing, and electronic records systems.
Network Backup & Restore To provide a procedure for the backup and restore of network based computer systems. None.
Network Login & Password Assignment This procedure describes the process for the assignment and control of login names, passwords, and network file access by personnel. None.

Disaster Recovery

To provide a process for restoring computer capability following a down system or disaster. None.
Logical and Physical Security To establish actions to be taken to secure company information from internal or external attacks. This procedure includes first level support (help desk) and second and the third levels of support from vendors.
User Support To establish a system for supporting end users in the effective use of computer resources. None.
Problem Tracking and Resolution To provide a process for documenting the occurrence of a problem and tracking its resolution. None.
System Maintenance To establish the process for maintaining computing resources. None.
Printer Set Up and Driver Verification To establish a protocol for verifying that a printer is capable of printing accurate representations of electronic data, records and reports. None.
Desktop and Laptop Set-up To set up desktops and laptops so that all needed software is installed and so that configuration requirements of controlled software are met. None.
Contingency Plan for Manual Operation To provide a plan for how the data collected by automated systems will be collected manually in case of a down system. None.